Friday, 11 March 2011


Where to being? Well it seems rap has gotten to be so stagnant, our once untouchable and favourite artists are releasing more pop than rap just to sell more records. Eminem has gone from rapping about how he hates pop artists to collaborating with them, Jay-Z a full album of features and all in all BP3 was a very poor album by anybody's standards. I know i cant expect artists to stay the same or be as good as they once were but in my opinion its more about what sells than what really matters to the real rap fans. Lets hope a few of the new up and comers can change things for the better. Step up J.Cole.

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  1. I think BP3 wasn't that bad. check out my post about oddfuture:
    I think they will bring underground hip hop back. I'm also looking forward to J. Cole's album. Friday Night Lights was good.